Ultraviolet Lamp
R125 UVB Lamp

UVB Lamp

Product Introduction and Application

Some animal,such as lizard and turtle needs the nuture sunshine to live and grow, the UV rays included in sunshine will help reptiles to composite calcium so as to avoid the disease of ricket. But when we breed them in our house, it is not easy to get the sunshine often and sometimes the high temperature from sunshine is also harmful to reptile. So the UV mercury lamp would be the best solution for your reptiles. Moreover, this lamp is also used widely in the place where is short of the natural sunshine, such as coal mine. This lamp is blended mercury lamp, which does not need ballast.

Usage: To provide essential UVA and UVB rays for the reptiles, horse or human.


Type Power(W) Voltage Avg. Life Base Diameter Length
R125 UVB Lamp
60W-300W 110-240 V 3000h E26/E27 125mm 174mm
R95 UVB Lamp
60W-160W 110-240 V 3000h E26/E27 95mm 135mm
PAR38 UVB Lamp
60W-160W 110-240 V 3000h E26/E27 120mm 143mm
BR95 UVB Lamp
150W 110-240 V 2000h E26/E27 95mm 120mm
BR80 UVB Lamp
100W 110-240 V 2000h E26/E27 80mm 116mm
R63 UVB Lamp
75W 110-240 V 2000h E26/E27 63mm 95mm


1. This bulb emits both UVA and UVB wavelengths.
2. UV-transmitting glass helps boost appetite, color and breeding activity in your reptile.

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