LED Lamp
3W Ceramic LED Candle Bulb

LED Candle Bulb

Product Description:
Model 3W Yellow LED Candle Bulb 3W White LED Candle Bulb
Base E14 / E27 E14 / E27
LED Type Epistar Epistar
Color Yellow White
Color Temperature 2700K ~ 6500K 2700K ~ 6500K
Power 3W 3W / 5W
Voltage AC85~265V AC85~265V
Light Flux 240LM 240LM
Lifespan 40000 Hours 40000 Hours
Dimension 37*97 37*106
Switching Cycles > 30000 Cycles > 30000 Cycles
Color Rendering Index 80 80

1. Long working time: Good heat dispersion of Led candle lamp,thus effectively extend the service time of the lamp to more than 40000hours.
2. Convenient installation:Led candle light can directly replace incandescent lamp,energy-saving lamp,ordinary candle lamp without changing the ordinary holder.
3. Color temperature: A variety of color temperature for choosing,high color rendering index,good color rendering.
4. Fastness Reliability: solid luminescence, good seismic performance, not easy broken, fastness reliability.
5. Wide Use Range: Led candle light suitable for decoration light.which are widely used in crystal droplight,desk lamp,wall lamp,small night lamps,adornment lamps and other decorative lamps.
6. Environment Protection: No heavy metal such as mercury,chromium.no ultraviolet and infrared radiation.It's harmless to the human body,no pollution to the environment,can be called green light.
7. High Efficiency and Everygy-saving: At the same time,the Led candle lamp save more than 80% power than ordinary lamp,but nearly 90% of the electricity converted into visible light. Utilization rate is much higher.


LED Candle Lights are widely used for decoration field such as super markets, hotels, taverns, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, show windows, discos, museums,art galleries, cosmetic counters, karaoke singing halls, house decoration and more.

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