HID Lamp
MH-150/U/3K G12 Metal Halide Lamp

Metal Halide Lamp

Product Introduction and Application

Highlight display lighting in internal and external area.


Type Base Max Dia. MOL Voltage Current Lumens flux Avg.life Note
MH-35/U/4K G12 Metal Halide Lamp G12 20mm 96mm 85V 0.53 2500lm 4000hrs UV-Stop
MH-50/U/4K G12 Metal Halide Lamp G12 20mm 96mm 85V 0.68 3400lm 5000hrs UV-Stop
MH-70/U/3K G12 Metal Halide Lamp G12 20mm 96mm 85V 0.98 5300lm 10000hrs UV-Stop
MH-70/U/4K G12 Metal Halide Lamp G12 20mm 96mm 85V 0.98 5600lm 10000hrs UV-Stop
MH-100/U/3K G12 Metal Halide Lamp G12 23mm 104mm 100V 1.10 7500lm 7000hrs UV-Stop
MH-100/U/4K G12 Metal Halide Lamp G12 23mm 104mm 100V 1.10 8000lm 7000hrs UV-Stop
MH-150/U/3K G12 Metal Halide Lamp G12 23mm 104mm 95V 1.80 12000lm 10000hrs UV-Stop
MH-150/U/4K G12 Metal Halide Lamp G12 23mm 104mm 95V 1.80 12500lm 10000hrs UV-Stop


1. High intensity light output
2. UV block function of tube to protect color fading of object

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